Rage Wyrm (5e Stats)

The fortress city of Dankeel was on the northern edge of the Empire where it protected the state against the northern orcish tribes. Years of constant warfare and mandatory conscription had built a population that was warlike and proud. A resident of Dankeel was not considered a citizen until they completed their basic training.

The destruction of the city occurred a few years after the slaying of the demon prince Xangeon, the retaking of Imperial Capital of Eastlyn, and the reestablishment of the Empire. Historian Murithi Helder chronicles the destruction of the city in her book  "Aiming for the Sun: The Rise and Fall of the Ten Red Crows" 

[. . .] And so the creature came up to the city was met by the entire garrison who manned the wall. The creature never spoke, but, somehow, they all knew what it said.

Surrender and you will be spared.

The leader of the garrison, Ulthgar of Dankeel, bellowed, "Begone creature, you know not with the forces you trifle. We are the city of Dankeel, we have stood for a thousand years and we will stand for a thousand more."

You are nothing.

"We are allied with the Empire and the Ten Red Crows. We have slain powerful demons and devils. You are no exception."

Your allies are not here. You are weak. Submit.

"We will fight until the end, demon."

So be it

and with a flash, the creature appeared inside the city. All those who came before it were slaughtered. The streets ran red with the blood of the faithful. Even when the auxiliaries broke and ran, the the citizen-soldiers stayed. It is said that that Dankeel died that day, not because the city was destroyed, but because there were no true citizens left.

Years later, when the Empire attempted to resettle the area, the settlers claimed the field surrounding the city were choked with human bones.

Plate from  Young Folks Treasury (Part 2) . A Public Domain Image.

Plate from Young Folks Treasury (Part 2). A Public Domain Image.

Sages are not certain how the rage wyrm came into being. Some believe that the creature was once a proper dragon that had its wings and breath forever removed by a powerful god.

Since their most powerful assets were taken by godly decree, rage wyrms developed their keen intelligence, including the creation of psionic powers. Now, the creature can shatter the minds of their foes.

When in their layer, the rage wyrms can spawn phantasmal beasts who serve unquestioningly. The beasts are psychically linked to the rage wyrm and often act in perfect concert. Perhaps most terrifyingly, they can rip out a part of their quarry's soul.

The Empress offers a 5,000 gp (plus expenses) bounty for the head of a rage wyrm.

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