Fifth Edition Funnel looks to recreate Funnel rules for 5th edition D&D. 

You didn't ask for this.

You chose your boring profession because you wanted a quiet life. Adventuring is best left to those to those with heroic chins and cast-iron stomachs, not you. Why go out and face the unknown when you can curl up next to the fire with a good book and some sleepy-berry tea?

Wait. Trouble at the door. Something in town is dangerously wrong, and there is no one to bail you out. The crucial quest falls to you and your friends. You are under-equipped, under-prepared, and in all likelihood, you are not coming back. There is a second's hesitation but then you grab your gear and head out the door.

Adventurers are made, not born.  

It's available for free here. Let me know what you think.

A Little Bit of Thievery is my first serious attempt at writing a commercial module. It is an unconventional free-form adventure for level 1 characters. The players are contracted to steal a magic item at a noble's fancy party, and are forced to abandon their weapons and rely on their wits to survive. Mayhem required and violence (mostly) optional. Success might bring the ire of an elite with a panache for vengeance and money to burn. Beats killing giant rats in the safety of a basement for a few silver pieces, right?

Although it is specifically written for the 5th edition’s basic rules, the adventure can be dropped into any rules system or campaign with minimal modification.

It is available here for free. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Campaign Notes