Cut Scene: Orcs Vs Giants

The party had fought giants and found a poorly written note on one of the creatures. It read: "Orcs is stupid. They work for us. We take their stuff and eat them. They are yummy". The orcs were informed by the heroes, and seemed to take terrible insult at such language. The Orcs particularly focused on being "delicious" as opposed to merely "yummy" and it slowly dawned on my party that "delicious" may not mean what they think it means. The party easily convinced the Orcs to attack the Giants.

Several hundred orcs stood atop a ridge looking down up on the Giant’s lodge. King Warvik addressed the crowd:

“Here. We are here.”

Shouts of agreement rippled through the crowd. They were here presently, and tautologies were always crowd pleasing with Orcs.

Warvik waved his hands to quiet the crowd.  “We are here to show that we ARE SMART. We keep OUR STUFF. We are… we are..”

“Yummy?” A single orc guessed. 

Several hundred pairs of eyes now focused on the unlucky creature. Silence. Warvik slightly nodded as several axes came down on the inquisitive orc.

“WE are DELICIOUS.” Warvik shouted. The crowd erupted in agreement.

A tide of green spilled forth from the ridge as the orcs ran toward the lodge. The giants looked quizzically at the charging creatures. Storm clouds gathered and within a few seconds and covered the entire battlefield. Before the first orc had reached the lodge, terrible lightning streaked across the charging horde, immediately burning most of the orcs to nothing. Acrid black smoke hung thickly where their bodies should have been.

The few that reached the lodge were easily taken down by the giants. The bravery and tenacity of the orc assault was no match for weapons that could crush such a creature in a single blow. Throughout the quick battle, there was something bothering Warvik, but he could not put his finger on it. Then suddenly, as the shadow of a massive weapon passed above him, ready to strike him down, it dawned on him: 

de·li·cious: adjective: highly pleasing to the senses, especially to taste or smell: a delicious dinner; a delicious aroma

Where are we right now?