Pics From Last Session: A Ball to Remember

The party spent most of their time getting ready for a ball. Adventuring be damned, they were going to have a good time for once, and leave all their troubles behind them. Until murder broke the mood of the ball...

Yara (emotional tiefling rogue) exclaimed "I've never been invited to a ball before!"

Malken (careless human barbarian) refused to take off his suit even when the fighting broke out.

Drilly (practical dwarf fighter) had to deal with her mother and chiding from the rest of the group.

Trogdor (delusional? half-elf cleric) could not stand the fact that some monsters used spells too. "Unfair!" he screamed, launching another fireball.

Enna (sexy elf fighter) gathered massive amounts of incredibly useful information while everyone was refilling drinks and popcorn bowls.

A Little Song

Where are we right now?